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Mistake in Graphic Design Mistake in Graphic Design imastercopy
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Signs of poor graphic design

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Considering many companies are still feeling the economic crunch, people wonder whether they should pay for professional graphic design. Many companies ask themselves "why can't I just send a plain communiqué" or they wonder whether graphic design is a good investment. Even though we may appear biased, we have learned through experience and from the feedback of our clients, that graphic design can be a tremendous investment.


Signs of poor graphic design

Face it, not everyone that works in graphic design is going to be a seasoned veteran or consummate professional. These are a handful of signs that your graphic design professional is not working out.


·Communication - Even though you are hiring someone for his or her expertise, it is important that YOU are happy with the work. You should be able to get in touch with your graphic design artist easily to provide them feedback.


·Too much! - Sometimes designers do not realize that 'less is more'. When someone uses too many fonts for example, the work can feel cluttered, and will look amateurish.

·My eyes! - Even though this still falls in the same category as 'less is more' sometimes new graphic designers want to make a statement. They have to learn that just because they love green and orange together because it stands out, it does not necessarily mean that you will love it too. Just because an image is colorful does not necessarily mean it will receive more attention.

Just as you would not build an office without consulting an architect, you should not do graphic design without a professional. These professionals use a variety of techniques based on their understanding of media, layout, animation, photography, illustration, typography, and color. What are some other popular reasons we have heard?

·Save yourself some time - Sometimes the question should not necessarily be whether you CAN do something, but whether it is the best use of your time. If you were given the choice, would you rather focus on your core competencies or spend hours staring at a blank computer screen, arguing with your mouse trying to design business cards that would not look half as professional as what a designer could do.
·Save yourself some money - It sounds strange to think of spending money, and saving money at the same time. Professional graphic design artists understand term like cropping and bleeding. They know what color modes print properly and understand the standard graphic design programs.

·Help you stand out - Have you ever seen the type of fliers that use the clipart that comes standard with any design tool? It simply does not cut it if you are in a competitive business. A professional understands subtle techniques that can help put the focus on your business. Once you get attention, it is up to you to convert those viewers into paying customers. The perceived value of your business increases when you use a professional design.

When it comes to carrying around data with you, there is simply nothing better than a flash drive. While CDs and DVDs may end up with scratches, USB drives are solid and sturdy. These are a few of the most important reasons that your data is safe on these drives.


·Fast - Not only do USB drives load fast because they go through the USB channel, but you can use it on a new computer instantly. You do not have to go through the hassle of rebooting the machine and having to install drivers, you plug it in and it is ready to go.


·Effective - A USB drive is small enough to where it only needs enough power that it can draw from the computer itself. You do not need an external power supply or additional batteries.


·Mac or PC - There is no one particular platform that you need to use with a flash drive. If you want to transport some files from a client's Mac to your PC, a flash drive can easily to this. These drives are platform-independent.


·Tough as nails - Unlike the traditional hard drive, these flash drives have no moving parts. They have a flash memory card and integrated circuit. This means that even if you accidentally drop it on the ground, there is no immediate problem.


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