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What's New with iMastercopy

Do you know what’s going with CD Mastercopy? CD Mastercopy name speaks for itself. CD Mastercopy provides CD Duplication, CD Manufacturing, Music CD Duplication, and CD Replication Services.

With a new redesign of their website for user-friendly navigation CD Mastercopy is looking provide their clients with exceptional customer service. CD Mastercopy is not only looking to delivery exceptional products that their client will love but also 100% customer satisfaction. We are one of the only CD Duplication Company that offers online ordering and project updates through our online automated order system. You can check your project at anytime or anyplace with click of mouse.

For Business:
CD Mastercopy have developed a media-rich marketing solutions such as interactive multimedia presentations for CD or DVD, graphics and print design, custom website development, website redesign, internet audio/voice-over to be duplicated on any media for clients.  This new venture is a natural evolution to the services that CD Mastercopy ( has already been providing companies nationwide for the past 5 years.  These services multi-media service will be in addition to the CD and DVD duplication/replication, custom CD/DVD printing and packaging, as well as CD/DVD duplication equipment.

With new technology growing each day we provide presentation on CD Business Card (, Mini CD and Mini DVD. Client just need to let us know what they need and will let them know what we can provide.

Customers also appreciate getting free goods in the mail. With a CD or DVD being an excellent means of communication business should take more advances of using this method rather than using paper that customer look at through away! Everyone know this is the reason for AOL being so big everyone has received that free CD in mail and pop it in their computer just for the excitement. Why not let your business grow in the same method?

For Musician: ( 
Musician need not to look anywhere else for their CD Duplication project! CD Mastercopy understands every means in what it will take for an independent artist to break grounds. We provide resources that will enhance a musician changes for exposure. We provide musician packages at all times.  With our 1,000 unit package we offer DJ Pool, college contact, indie resources for your genre and more.

For Film/Videos: (
Producer whatever your post production needs are, we can help you, and if we can’t, we will refer you to someone who can. We offer starter packages form 100 DVD Duplication to Millions. Just visit us at and click on the link that reads “Film”.

For Printing: (
Printing is essential no matter what environment or business you’re in. You must print for all reasons. Let CC Mastercopy make your life easy. CD Mastercopy offers Professional low pricing printing in any form and size. Just contact with your requirement and we will see what we can do.


Our vision is to establish a Global Network that services our customers and creates an environment that values employees who love their work and what they do for iMastercopy. We strive to service all with excellence Started as a service that provided optical and duplication service in “24 Hour” we still honor that although the name has changed to iMasterCopy.

Focus: Our Focus is to make our clients love us and us to love them back!
To Become the medium one-stop location, with a branded name is “offices” that services Businesses, Musician and Film Makers that requires our services, but find it difficult to find the right service provider that focuses on customer services. Mastercopy stays updated with new technology that helps our client achieve their missions.  Services include Marketing and Promotions, Media Services, Disc Duplication, IT/Web services, Printing, and Music/Book/App Promotions. Always looking for great partnerships, contact us if you're interested.