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Custom USB Drive Florida

We offer high quality custom flash drives for all trade shows, meeting, promotional giveaways and alike venues/reasons for the Tennessee state. competitive pricing, branded USB flash drives. Whether you need a logo imprinted on the outside or sophisticated preload content on the inside, Mastercopy delivers the most precise, personalized flash drive services.

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USB web key is not like the USB flash drive which stores regular documents that you typed. A USB web key looks like a USB flash drive but the key doesn’t hold memory.Instead a web key is a key that you use to access certain websites without having to type in the URL in order to access the computer.You insert the web key into your computer and it opens up the main website you stored on the web key. A pre-programmed USB web key can be used for various purposes as a business owner and it saves you time and money.

If you want low-cost marketing for your business, you should use USB web keys because they’re inexpensive to purchase with the average price of $2.99 for 50 web keys or $1.99 per web key for up to a hundred of the web keys. This keeps you from spending hours on preparing brochures and passing them out to people who may not fit your target consumer base.Another benefit of using a USB web key is that you’re able to target your potential consumers easier. For example, if you’re a mobile DJ and you have a website that features videos of your live performances, you can give the web keys to potential clients at community fairs, supermarkets, barbershops, banquet halls and bridal expos.

The use of a USB web key is also environmentally-friendly for your business because you won’t waste so much paper for business promotion. You don’t have to carry multiple fliers everywhere because you can go green by going paperless and appearing trendy to potential customers. And if your website has a feature which allows people to download your website to their mobile phones and iPads, this makes for easier promotion.

If your employees want to promote your company while on the go, you can have custom-made USB web keys to give them so they can tell potential customers about your products and services. This reduces your need to hire a large sales team and saves your company money. If you work in human resources and recruit college students at job fairs, you can give aspiring job applicants your USB web keys which include an online application for them to fill out.

With the use of a USB web key, promotion of your business becomes easier and you can keep better track of employees’ work online, especially if the majority of their work is on a website that serves as an online backup service and everyone shares this service for work purposes.


If You're located in Portland, Seattle WA, Austin Tx, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, New York NY, Philadelphia PA, Houston TX, or Toronto Canada you are close to one of the biggest convention center and we can deliver your Custom USB Directly to you.

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