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Music CD Duplication at! Order 1000 CD -- 4/1 panel, Jewel case, Promo cards, 500 college contact for gigs, 50 CMJ Radio contact, 10 Top DJ Pool, Distribution outlets, CD Compilation placement and more.

August 03 -2004:: a subdivision of Terrelonge Enterprises inc. that provides quality duplication services at competitive rates. Terrelonge is a technology and music company that has been exposed to both the technology and music arena for over 8 years.

Do you know what’s going with CD Mastercopy? CD Mastercopy name speaks for itself. CD Mastercopy provides CD Duplication, CD Manufacturing, Music CD Duplication, and CD Replication Services.

With a new redesign of their website for user-friendly navigation CD Mastercopy is looking provide their clients with exceptional customer service. CD Mastercopy is not only looking to delivery exceptional products that their client will love but also 100% customer satisfaction. We are one of the only CD Duplication Company that offers online ordering and project updates through our online automated order system. You can check your project at anytime or anyplace with click of mouse.

Based on EE Times Tokyo is trying to bridge the gap between next-generation optical disk formats, Ricoh said it has developed an optical component that reads and writes all disk formats—Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD, as well as DVD and CD—with one pickup and one objective lens.

If you're still using paper business card it's time to make a change to a more effective method.

January 3, 2005 -- announced the cost effective way to advertise your business. The stylish CD Business Cards has been the way since its nationwide release a few years ago today. CD Business Cards are rectangular or Hockey ring shaped CD ROMs and hold 50-60 MB of data, their innovative shape and translucent look lending itself perfectly to professional digital business cards, in addition to being apt presentation media for student and art portfolios, or as storage tools for MP3s and digital photos.

Our vision is to establish a Global Network that services our customers and create an environment that values employees who love their work and what they do for iMastercopy. We strive to service all with excellence Started as a service that provided optical and duplication service in “24 Hour” we still honor that although the name has changed to iMasterCopy.

Focus: Our Focus is to make our clients love us and us to love them back!
To Become the medium one-stop location, with a branded name is “offices” that services Businesses, Musician and Film Makers that requires our services, but find it difficult to find the right service provider that focuses on customer services. Mastercopy stays updated with new technology that helps our client achieve their missions.  Services include Marketing and Promotions, Media Services, Disc Duplication, IT/Web services, Printing and Music/Book/App Promotions. Always looking for great partnerships, contact us if you're interested.