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Top Social Media Platform

These are various social media platforms. These platforms include Music, Business, Video, Chating/Texting and beyond. They are great for marketing and promotions of any kind. These platforms also improve traffic back your website depending on your engagement.

1 – Facebook

This is effectively the biggest long range informal communication site on the planet and one of the most broadly utilized. What's more, Facebook was maybe the principal that outperformed the milestone of 1 billion client accounts. 


Aside from the capacity to coordinate with companions and relatives, you can likewise get to various Facebook applications to sell on the web and you can even showcase or advance your business, image, and items by utilizing paid Facebook promotions


As of late Facebook has lost the trust of a great many of its clients by enabling outsiders to access more than 87 million clients' close to home information. This is a monstrous breach of trust and has made a sentiment of turmoil among the online networking stage's group of spectators. To such an extent that there is presently a #deletefacebook crusade where individuals are expelling themselves from Facebook and utilizing different systems. On the off chance that you're worried about what Facebook is doing with your information, at that point why not look at my guide on options to Facebook, and check whether there's a superior spot for you to collaborate with family and companions.

Number of active users per month: 1.59 billion approximately

2 – WhatsApp

Regardless of having been procured by Facebook in 2014, right now informing stage exists as an autonomous substance. 


It touched base on the scene a lot later than Facebook, however, has had the option to catch the creative mind of a huge number of individuals over the world by enabling them to impart and share quickly with people and gatherings. The WhatsApp call highlight is only the good to beat all! 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 1 billion around 

3- QQ

Tencent QQ (all the more prominently known as QQ) a texting (talk based) web-based social networking stage. It wound up universal (with more than 80 nations utilizing it) after it was propelled in China. 


It very well may be utilized to keep in contact with companions through writings, video calls, and voice visits. It even has worked in an interpreter to decipher your visits. To discover more, head over to our Chinese Social Media details page. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 853 million roughly 


4 – WeChat

This is an across the board interchanges application for informing and calling (like WhatsApp) that empowers you to associate with your preferred individuals. It was likewise created by Tencent in China and can without much of a stretch work close by QQ. According to the BI insight report, the quantity of WeChat clients is quickly making up for lost time with the quantity of WhatsApp clients. 


Related article: WeChat console alternate routes 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 697 million roughly 

5 – QZone

Like QQ and WeChat, QZone is one more person to person communication administration created by Tencent. It empowers you to share photographs, watch recordings, tune in to tunes, compose websites, keep up journals, etc. It likewise engages you to pick the frill and modify the look and feel of your QZone pages. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 640 million around

6 – Tumblr

Having been claimed by Yahoo since 2013, Tumblr fills in as an internet-based life cum smaller scale blogging stage that can be utilized to discover and pursue things that you like. You can likewise utilize it to post anything, including mixed media, to a short-structure blog. Additionally, it gives you the adaptability to tweak nearly everything. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 555 million roughly 

7 – Instagram

Instagram was propelled as a one of a kind long range informal communication stage that was founded on sharing photographs and recordings. This photograph sharing person to person communication application in this manner empowers you to catch the best snapshots of your life, with your telephone's camera or some other camera, and convert them into masterpieces. 


This is conceivable because Instagram enables you to apply numerous channels to your photographs and you can without much of a stretch post them to other mainstream long range interpersonal communication locales, for example, Facebook and Twitter. It is presently part of the Facebook realm. Figure out how to become your Instagram group of spectators. 


Peruse more on Instagram Tools to enable you to expand social commitment and group of spectators numbers. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 400 million roughly 

8 – Twitter

This long-range interpersonal communication site empowers you to post short instant messages (called tweets), containing a set number of characters (up to 280), to pass on your message to the world. With the developing fever for internet shopping, Twitter likewise makes it conceivable to advance your organizations and even shop legitimately through tweets. Figure out how to make the ideal Twitter profile. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 320 million around 

9 – Google+ ( No Longer Available )

Claimed by the tech monster Alphabet (Google), this intrigue based long range interpersonal communication stage empowers you to keep in contact with individuals by sharing messages, photographs, recordings, valuable connects to destinations, etc. It additionally broadens support for video conferencing through Hangouts and enables organizations to advance their brands and items through Google+ business pages. 


Number of dynamic clients: 300 million around 

10 – Baidu Tieba

Offered by Baidu of China, an internet searcher organization, Baidu Tieba (known as Postbar universally) is a social discussion system dependent on the catchphrase look in the Baidu web crawler. This talk discussion deals with the one of a kind idea of enabling you to make an informal community bunch for a particular theme, utilizing the hunt, or even to join a current online social gathering. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 300 million around 

11 – Skype

Skype, claimed by Microsoft, is one of the most mainstream correspondence based interpersonal interaction stages. It enables you to associate with individuals through voice calls, video calls (utilizing a webcam) and content informing. You can even lead a bunch telephone call. What's more, best of all, Skype-to-Skype calls are free and can be utilized to speak with anybody, situated in any piece of the world, over the web. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 300 million roughly 


12 – Viber

This multi-lingual social stage, which is accessible over 30 dialects, is known for its moment content informing and voice informing abilities. You can likewise share photographs and recordings and sound messages, utilizing Viber. It offers you the capacity to call non-Viber clients through a component named Viber Out. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 249 million around 13 – Sina Weibo

This is a highly popular microblogging social platform in China that is known for its hybrid mix of Twitter’s and Facebook’s features.

Number of active users per month: 222 million approximately

14 – LINE

LINE is an all-inclusive accessible informing interpersonal organization that empowers you to share photographs, recordings, instant messages, and even sound messages or documents. Moreover, it enables you to make voice and video calls whenever of the day. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 215 million around 

15 – Snapchat

This is a picture informing social stage that empowers you to visit with companions by utilizing pictures. It enables you to investigate news and even look at live stories that are going on around the globe. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 200 million roughly 


16 – YY

YY is a noteworthy video-based informal communication stage in China that empowers bunch video talks. In such visits, beyond what 100,000 individuals can watch a solitary individual doing an action. Such an action can be anything from giving an instructional exercise video to singing karaoke, which enables the clients to win virtual money that they can later change over into money. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 122 million around 

17 – VKontakte (VK)

VK is one of the biggest long range informal communication stages in Russia and has very comparative highlights to Facebook. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 100 million roughly 

18 – Pinterest

This is a photograph sharing and visual bookmarking web-based social networking website or application that empowers you to discover new thoughts for your undertakings and spare them. Along these lines, you can do DIY assignments or home improvement ventures, plan your movement motivation, etc by utilizing Pinterest. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 100 million around 

19- LinkedIn

LinkedIn is effectively one of the most prevalent experts long range interpersonal communication destinations or applications and is accessible in more than 20 dialects. It is utilized over the globe by a wide range of experts and fills in as a perfect stage to associate with various organizations, find and contract perfect applicants, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It gloats more than 400 million individuals. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 100 million around 

20 – Telegram

Right now informing system is like WhatsApp and is accessible crosswise over stages more than eight dialects. In any case, Telegram has constantly centered more around the protection and security of the messages you send over the web by utilizing its foundation. Along these lines, it engages you to send messages that are encoded and foolish. This encryption highlight has just barely been made accessible for WhatsApp, though Telegram has consistently given it. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 100 million roughly 

21 – Reddit

This online networking stage empowers you to submit substance and later vote in favor of the substance. The democratic decides if the substance goes up or down, which is at last sorted out dependent on the zones of intrigue (known as subreddits). 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 100 million around 

22 – Taringa

Taringa is one of the biggest interpersonal interaction stages in Latin America and enables clients to share their encounters, substance and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 


Number of dynamic clients: 75 million roughly 

23 – Foursquare

This is a nearby search-and revelation based online networking stage that empowers you to locate the perfect spots (in light of your area) to go to with companions and friends and family. It additionally gives suitable list items for the best sustenance outlets, night amusement spots and more in your general vicinity. The long-range interpersonal communication highlight is currently accessible in a different application named Swarm. 


Number of dynamic clients: 40 million around 

24 – Renren

This is the biggest person to person communication site in China and is a stage for everybody. It has been exceptionally prominent with the adolescent because of its likeness to Facebook, as it enables clients to effectively associate with others, rapidly share considerations and posts, and even update their mind-sets. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: More than 30 million roughly 

25 – Tagged

This is an incredible web-based life webpage dependent on kinship and dating and, in 2011, it procured another long range interpersonal communication stage called hi5. It empowers you to associate with others through games, perusing profiles, regular interests, etc. 


Number of dynamic clients: 25 million roughly 

26 – Badoo 

This dating-based person to person communication site works more than 200 nations. It offers insights regarding individuals adjacent in your general vicinity and even about individuals whom you may have caught, all things considered. 


Number of dynamic clients every month: 20 million around

27 – Myspace

This is a music-centered long range interpersonal communication site and gives an intelligent and client submitted system of companions. It likewise gives web journals, gatherings, individual profiles, pictures, recordings, etc. 


Number of dynamic clients: 20 million roughly 

28 – StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a savvy long range informal communication stage that finds or finds content and prescribes the equivalent to its clients. You are along these lines enabled to find website pages, pictures, recordings, etc and after that rate them according to your advantage and taste. 


Number of dynamic clients: 25 million roughly 

29 – The-Dots is a systems administration stage that helps everybody engaged with the imaginative procedure associate, work together and popularize helping assemble a more grounded, progressively beneficial and different innovative part. Conceived out of real energy to make the innovative ventures increasingly open and meritocratic, author Pip Jamieson propelled the stage in the UK in 2014. 

30 – Kiwibox

This is a network-based person to person communication site, particularly for the individuals who live in New York. It offers an online magazine to target youngsters through design tips, guidance, and talk. It likewise enables youthful grown-ups to tell everybody about their aptitudes and interests. 

31 – Skyrock

Skyrock is a French interpersonal interaction website that offers its clients a free and individual web space to make and post online journals, includes profiles and trade messages. Aside from French and English, it is likewise accessible in five different dialects.

32 – Delicious

It is known for being the main social bookmarking administration. Having been propelled in 2003, Delicious is perfect for putting away, sharing and finding web bookmarks. It additionally enables its clients to label them with any catchphrases.

33 – Snapfish

Snapfish is an electronic photograph sharing person to person communication site that offers a boundless capacity to its individuals for transferring photographs. You would thus be able to take care of your extra room worries for your tremendous accumulation of pictures.

34 – ReverbNation

This is the perfect long-range informal communication stage for performers and experts to interface with others in the music business. It offers various devices to artists to deal with their professions and offers them the correct access to their music industry accomplices and fans. 

35 – Flixster

This is an American long-range interpersonal communication site for individuals who love motion pictures and need to associate with similarly invested individuals by sharing their motion picture surveys and appraisals. Its clients are probably going to find out about films and get data about new motion pictures. 

36 – Care2

This online networking webpage enables activists to associate far and wide with comparative people, organizations and associations that are affecting society. It additionally urges individuals to lead a solid and green way of life.

37 – CafeMom

This advertisement upheld informal communication site is a network for moms and moms-to-be that empowers them to get backing and counsel on different points, for example, pregnancy, style, wellbeing, and nourishment. It additionally causes them to gain from the encounters of different moms. 

38 – Ravelry

Ravelry is a network-based interpersonal organization that is focused at individuals who are keen on fiber expressions, for example, turning, sewing, weaving, and knitting. Such individuals can share their accumulations, various thoughts and gain from the encounters of different individuals for better joint effort potential outcomes. 

39 – Nextdoor

This is a private interpersonal interaction stage for neighborhoods in the US. The goal is truly straightforward: enabling clients to get associated with the individuals in their general vicinity. 

40 – Wayn

Wayn is a movement and way of life-based informal communication stage and offers its clients the capacity to find where to go, what to do and how to meet similarly invested individuals to share their encounters. 

41 – Cellufun

This social gaming network can undoubtedly be gotten to moving from any cell phone. With this portable gaming-based informal organization, clients can mingle, make symbols, mess around and buy virtual products. 

42 – YouTube

YouTube is the world's biggest video-sharing long range informal communication site that empowers clients to transfer and share recordings, see them, remark on them and like them. This informal organization is open over the globe and even empowers clients to make a YouTube channel where they can transfer all their by and by recorded recordings to feature to their companions and supporters.

43 – Vine

This is a diversion based, short-structure video sharing online networking website where individuals can without much of stretch offer recordings that are six seconds in length. It has a place with the Twitter family and permits simple joining with other long-range interpersonal communication stages to share and watch recordings. 

44 – Classmates

Schoolmates enable clients to discover, interface and stay in contact with companions and colleagues from school and school. It is likewise workable for clients to transfer their yearbook from their school years.

45 – MyHeritage

This is an online lineage social stage which supports more than 42 dialects and enables its clients to make family trees, transfer and peruse through family photographs and deal with their family ancestry. It could likewise be utilized by individuals to discover their precursors and get more data about them. 

46 – Viadeo

Viadeo is an online business-based long range interpersonal communication webpage that enables a business to individuals, generally, those in Europe, interface with each other. It is accessible in about various dialects.

47 – Xing

This expert informal communication site offers includes that are like LinkedIn's highlights, with its principle clients situated in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. In any case, it is special as in it empowers shut gathering discourses between the individuals from a specific organization or business.

48 – Xanga

This blogging-based long range informal communication stage has weblogs, photograph web journals and interpersonal interaction profiles for its clients. 

49 – LiveJournal

his San Francisco-based long range informal communication site is accessible in Russia, as Zhivoy Zhurnal or Zhe. It empowers clients to keep up a journal, blog or diary, alongside security controls. 

50 – Friendster

Friendster was beforehand a long range interpersonal communication site to discover companions and keep in contact, however, is currently a social gaming system for game darlings in Asia. 


51 – Funny or Die

This parody video social site is planned for uniting the most entertaining recordings from the web. Superstars pursue this social stage a ton and it empowers clients to share, transfer and rate recordings.

52 – Gaia Online

Gaia Online is an anime-themed long range interpersonal communication and discussions based site. It gives clients access to symbols, virtual world, games, etc. 

53 – We Heart It

This photograph sharing web-based life webpage, which is accessible more than 20 dialects, is perfect for clients' day by day portion of motivation or inspiration. It empowers clients to view and impart exceptionally rousing pictures to their companions. 

54 – Buzznet

This online networking website enables clients to share content based on their advantages as recordings, photographs, and diaries. It additionally flawlessly incorporates with Facebook.

55 – DeviantArt

DeviantArt is viewed as the biggest online interpersonal interaction network for craftsmanship sweethearts and specialists. It empowers clients to take photographs of their fine art and offer them with others. 

56 – Flickr

This is another exceptionally famous photo-sharing site. It fills in as a stage to transfer various excellent pictures, particularly by picture takers or individuals who love photography. It is likewise a productive online photograph the executives and sharing administration.

57 – MeetMe

Once known as myYearbook, MeetMe is gone for clients who need to discover new companions and talk with them. This makes it exceptionally well known among youngsters and youthful understudies. 

58 – Meetup

This long-range interpersonal communication entryway empowers you to discover gatherings of similarly invested individuals, who have comparable enthusiasm to you, close to your region (anyplace on the planet). It likewise encourages disconnected gathering gatherings and you can turn into a piece of such gatherings and their exchanges. 

59 – Tout

Tout is an informal communication cum miniaturized scale blogging stage that enables you to view and share recordings that are 15 seconds in length. The recordings that are shared on this stage are known as touts. 

60 – Mixi

This is a mainstream Japanese informal communication administration that has around 20 million dynamic clients. It empowers you to interface with your companions and friends and family in an advantageous manner and even dependent on your territories of intrigue.

61 – Douban

This Chinese informal communication site has something for enrolled just as unregistered clients. It empowers enrolled clients to record data and make substance dependent on music, movies, books, and occasions in the urban areas of China. Unregistered clients of Douban can discover audits and evaluations of books, music and motion pictures. 

62 – Vero

Vero says that its "an informal community for any individual who cherishes anything enough to share it – and needs authority over who they share it with. Much the same as we do, in actuality." 


Vero is a membership-based informal community which has no advertisements and does not gather any close to home client information. It's an incredible option to Facebook as has some extremely stunning highlights.

63 – Quora

Quora is where individuals can share and pick up information by posing and noting inquiries. 

64 – Spreely

Spreely is an internet-based life stage that is free from control and free from shadowbans. The name "Spreely" is made up from Speak and Freely, and advances the right to speak freely for every one of its clients. 

65 – Discord

Conflict is one of the most well-known stages right now with more than 250 million clients and is developing with at any rate a million consistently. It's intended for gamers to voice and content visit. It's 100% free, secure, and deals with both your work area and telephone. An extraordinary free option in contrast to the superior administrations, for example, TeamSpeak. 

66 – TikTok

TikTok is madly mainstream with the children nowadays. On the off chance that you're under 16, at that point, this is the spot to be. 


TikTok is a social video application that enables its clients to share short recordings. There's a lot of stickers, channels and expanded reality highlights to add to your recordings. It was the fourth most downloaded application in 2018 and seems as though it'll top that rundown in 2019. 


TikTok is known in China as Douyin, which signifies "Vibrating Sound". Accessible on iOS and Android, TikTok is mainstream for making short music recordings of somewhere in the range of 3 and 15 seconds. You can likewise make short circling recordings of somewhere in the range of 3 and 60 seconds. 


I trust that the above rundown of person to person communication gateways, which are reasonable for various classifications like gaming, making companions, dating, photograph sharing, and blogging, demonstrates important to you.


Overall find the right marketing for yourself.

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