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Album Release Do's and Dont's Album Release Do's and Dont's
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Do and don't for a successful album release:

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Do and don't for a successful album release:

don't schedule your CD release party before you order your CDs.

Please don't routine ones recording launch celebration before ones possess a ensure day connected with as soon as your recording is always to accomplish you. Over time we have now experience in which PERFORMER obtain venues, poster, flyers, along with other promotional items around the recording lower day and never preserve into mind, in which the recording will be yet being created. Please contact us and permit you to assist you to get everything APPROPRIATE and On period. Our own creation period is approximately 10-15 enterprise nights.

do put together an impressive package to promote to the radio.

(PD/MD) Program directors/ Music directors want you to get to the point when you send in your "PRESS KIT" for review. it's best that you keep it simple and even write a short tag note that identify the song you would like to focus on along with a "RADIO RELEASE Document" this document gives the radio station permission to play your music and if it's PB (Public Broadcast) that don't pay royalties you give them permission to play the music with penalties to the station for promoting your music.

do use a professional graphic artist to design your CD package.

Do get the proper designer to design your package. Remember this is the first thing potential fans will see. Over the years we have experienced that people purchase the album in some case simply because of the presentation. Search for a friend who is good and have them do it for free if possible! otherwise, pay the money and get it done right.

don't delay your project by not having the proper licenses.

Don't Use sample materials or other copyrighted songs with getting the proper permission. You can find out who owns the copyrights in musical compositions by contacting ASCAP (1-800- 95-ASCAP), BMI (212-586-2000), or SESAC (615-320-0055). Or you can contact the Harry Fox Agency (212-370-5330), who is authorized to issue licenses. (Contact for 2,500 or fewer copies you can apply online) You must also credit the owner of the copyrights on your artwork.

do include a release number and bar code on your project with your artwork.

A release number is an identification number for your project. we provide barcode just ask to purchase one or does it comes with your package.



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