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Business, Artist, and Film Makers Promotions

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Business Branding & Promotions

Let's work together to create the right business strategy for your product or service. We do it all, from planning to helping with releases and distributions. Understanding the right business branding & promotions requires a great deal of corporative organization. Strategic management is important so the business can have a competitive advantage in order for their business to grow. A business should consider the following:

  • Business Strategy & Marketing Plan
  • Branding and Promotions in the niche market
  • Create a case study for a product or service
  • Understanding the right delivery method

Understand the power of branding. Many businesses make the big mistake of not taking this important. Think of "Coco-Cola", Microsoft, Apple or Xerox, branding is key, you see the Apple logo and immediately you know what that stands for.

Establish defined brand guidelines

  • Logo (both an overarching logo and any logo lockups your company uses for individual product lines)
  • Brand colors
  • Taglines
  • Fonts and typography
  • The “voice” used in your branded materials
  • Imagery
  • Mascots and spokespeople

Do not over complicate your brand. Make your brand simple and easy. Do not fall into the vague branding trap by "Cheating" on your branding guideline.


Artist Branding & Promotions:

Artist promotions are more than important to any artist's success. Without the right promotions, a record will never do well. But outside of great promotions, you have to be a disciplined artist or have discipline artist.  Understanding your target market is also important in steps to doing well. Now that this generation is all about the digital times of streaming and instant download the reflection is even greater. Now a person can say "I want to be a musician" and it can really happen without limitations.

Not because you're a musician do believe you do not need a business strategy to do well.  A business strategy, a competitive advantage, and a marketing plan will deliver create rewards. Do not get stuck in "La La Land" and believe you're going to do well without working hard. Let create a blueprint that can assist any music career.

1. Create "great" music and have "great" production. Make sure your music is mixed and mastered properly. Many musicians believe their music is the best in the world and why are they not famous yet. One key factor is to have "great" music and "great" production. Believe in yourself and the product. A musician is a "Product" the artist is what is being sold! for a lack of a better word. The "Artist" is setting tone and trends to connect with the target audience for them to fall in love with the music. "Make sure your music is copyrighted" once done!

2. Copyright and registration. Make sure your music is copyrighted and register to all the important outlets before release. Registration should include ASCAP, BMI or alike (Author/Performing organization), encoding (BDS, Mediabase and alike), 

3. The image! "What image do you want"?. Setting on an image and stick to it like glue until you're at the place where you can rediscover yourself.  The artist image and brand will go with the artist's blueprint and take them to the next level. once the Music, Image, and direction are established.

4. Work on social media! A good looking social media for attention is 100,000 following minimum between Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and alike. The music streaming platforms is more than important, having over 500,000 steams for your music is a start. But how does an artist even get to this point? Music marketing, branding, and promotions. This includes but not limited too press releases, posting every day, iTunes download, Radio submission, DJ submission, targeted Plays on Spotify, targeted plays on Google play, article submission directory, banner ad creation, infographic creation, content translation, directory service, guest posting, radio submission, banner creation, infographic, classified ads, link outreach, blog submission, email blast, and beyond. This is just touching the surface.

5. Be on all platforms. Be on all distribution outlet such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Napster, Tidal and all similar outlets. Now in this digital day and age artist can also monetize Soundcloud, Juno, and resources with that same music delivery.

6. Monetize everything outlet. Facebook, Youtube,  all streaming platforms, radio and beyond.

7. Be consistent. Once an artist has an image and plan in mind, stick to the plan "once again like clue" and promote, promote, promote. Do not overwhelm the target audience so they get annoyed, find out the perfect medium. Also, if you're depending on your family and friend to be successful, look for another career.

8. Test your market. Do promotional testing with a place like Facebook, Google Ad words, Bing Ad and music out that provide promotional resources.


Filmmakers Branding & Promotions

The process of being a good filmmaker is so extraordinary. The creative process comes with so many responsibilities. Beyond making a film figuring out the music, the actress and actors, space and creating a good film. But with all that work that goes into creating a film, the process starts after the film is done. After all that work, the work has yet to starts. Now branding and promotions come next in order for the film to be successful.

Before a Filmmaker jumps into points of interest, pause for a moment to think about marking. A Filmmaker film's marking may develop as you become familiar with your group of spectators and what they react to, yet to begin a filmmaker has to get a feeling of how they need to exhibit the film and what components are needed to closer view.

  • Don’t Forget Personal Branding 

  • Making a Website for Your Film

  • Social Media for Your Film

  • Social media Strategy

  • PR, Press, and Reviews for Your Film

  • Video hosting

  • Paid Advertising/ Unpaid Advertising

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